Ontario Advanced Aesthetic College (OAAC)


Ontario Advanced Aesthetic College (OAAC) is offering women and men modern programs that will prepare them for a challenging career in the cosmetic industry.

The Ontario Advanced Aesthetic College operates in Ontario under the following legislation: Private Career Colleges Act, 2005; Ontario Regulation 414/06; Ontario Regulation 415/06 and registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

This vocational training is also available to students who have dropped out of traditional school settings before getting a credential. Many of the programs offered by the Ontario Advanced Aesthetic College will give the participant a credential or industry certification indicating mastery of necessary skills in an occupational area.

Aesthetics is a profession that specializes in skin and body care. Whether it is in a spa, a hotel or even as an assistant to a plastic surgeon, the scope for a career in aesthetics is wide and varied. A professional aesthetician can work in a number of capacities- as a make-up artist, beauty editor or entrepreneur. The list is endless and the prospective for beginning a successful career has never been better.

OAAC is different, not like any other college. Today many aesthetic schools have advanced technologies and equipment: lasers, dermabrasion and photo-epilation devices – this is a regular set for training and occupation purposes. Our main distinction is in our programs that comprise combinations of the programs from European aesthetic schools: Italian Aesthetic School Tricco, Bremen Aesthetic Academy from Germany, French School of Aesthetic Gunot, and experience from Russian schools of aesthetics.  Our programs are adopted to Canadian market and approved by Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under the  Private Career Colleges Act. This allows perspective students currently receiving Employment Insurance and Welfare to apply for coverage of the tuition fee.

As the market for these services grow, more employment opportunities await qualified professionals:
Salon Aesthetician, Beauty Spa Therapist, Manufacture's Representative, Cosmetic Buyer, Electrologist, Skin Care Technician, Beauty Therapist, LASER Therapist and Technician, Aesthetician Assistant, Beauty Therapist in a fitness centre, Medical Aesthetician, Electro coagulist, Aesthetic Body Care Therapist, Spa Manager, Cosmetic Surgeon Assistant, Dermatologist Assistant, Salon Receptionist, Make-up Artist, Salon Owner, Cosmetic Clinic Owner.